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Siyakhatala Safety
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The Construction Regulations have been in force since 2003 and places a demanding, time consuming responsibility on clients and designers alike.

Siyakhatala Safety has a dedicated team of professionals specialising in construction safety issues. We assist with a range of cost effective services, which includes:

  • Acting as Client OHS Agent.
  • Acting as Safety Officer.
  • Acting as Safety Advisor.

Our typical duties include the following but is not limited to.

Stage 1:
Project Initiation and Briefing:

  1. Assist in developing a clear project brief.
  2. Attend the project initiation meetings.
  3. Conclude the terms of agreement with the employer.
  4. Advise on the required surveys, analysis and site or other investigations that may be required.
  5. Provide Necessary information to other consultants.
  6. Define the scope of work and services.

Stage 2:
Concept and Feasibility:

  1. Agree documentation programme.
  2. Attend design and consultants meetings.
  3. Prepare a draft baseline risk assessment.
  4. Determine and agree the project OHS complexity profile and prepare the OHS policy for the project.
  5. Prepare and draft a baseline risk assessment.
  6. Prepare draft OHS specification.
  7. Agree the format and procedures for OHS control.
  8. Advise other consultants regarding the project OHS requirements and related design risk management process.
  9. Liaise, co-operate and provide necessary information to all parties.

Stage 3:
Design Development (Detailed design):

  1. Review documentation programme.
  2. Attend design and consultants meetings.
  3. Manage, co-ordinate, integrate and record design risk management process with other consultants in sequence to suit the documentation programme.
  4. Monitor the integration of the OHS aspects during the design process and finalise the baseline risk assessment.
  5. Identify and implement precautions necessary for OHS control and update OHS specification.
  6. Agree on a format for the OHS file for the project.
  7. Assist other consultants with detailed information relevant to cost estimates and budgets.
  8. Liaise, co-operate and provide necessary information to all parties.

Stage 4:
Documentation and Procurement:

  1. Attend design and consultants meeting.
  2. Prepare OHS tender specification and integrate with procurement documentation.
  3. Provide and record OHS risk information to the consultants.
  4. Prepare OHS documentation for submission to authorities (Application for construction works permit).
  5. Assist with the evaluation of tenders and verify contractor(s) competencies, knowledge and resources to carry out the works safely.
  6. Assist with the preparation of contract documentation for signature.
  7. Assess samples, mock-ups and products for OHS compliance.

Stage 5:
Contract Administration and Inspection:

  1. Assess and approve the contractor(s) safety plans.
  2. Submit necessary documentation to authorities and facilitate permits that may be required to commence the works.
  3. Attend the site handover meeting.
  4. Attend regular site and technical meetings and progress meetings.
  5. Monitor design risk management.
  6. Monitor the implementation of the OHS plan(s) in accordance with the OHS specification and recommend stop orders where necessary.
  7. Conduct safety management system audits.
  8. Audit compliance with the OHS plan(s) and brief the project ,management team and contractor(s) following site audits.
  9. Monitor the compilation of OHS file and verify the maintenance of same by contractor(s).

Stage 6:

  1. Review, discuss and approve the OHS File with the contractor(s).
  2. Manage the OHS during the defects liability period.

We also conduct and assist with Investigation of accidents and incidents.

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